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Beloved – A Poem

It seems my Thankful Thursday theme has come a long way from its humble beginnings on January 6, 2011 with an acrostic poem titled Thankful. With few exceptions, though, the one constant is that Thankful Thursday means a poem about something I am thankful for.

The other day one of my fellow bloggers wrote about our new name in Christ, and asked her readers what we believed our new name was. My first thought was “beloved.” As I pondered a poem to write for today, I decided that would be my theme.


I long to be
Your beloved child
Your cherished friend
Your everything

You long to be
My beloved God
My cherished friend
My everything

It’s not a wish come true
But a prayer answered
That brought us together
As beloved

My beloved is mine and I am his;
he browses among the lilies.
Song of Songs 2:16 (NIV).


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Our Love – A Poem

Since my 25th anniversary was this week, I decided that I wanted to write a poem about love for Thankful Thursday. But not the love of God, which I write about often; rather I want to write about the kind of love between a husband and a wife, which God has given us as a gift of great value. Through the years it changes, and yet it remains our love.

Our Love

A flame sparks to life
and soon a wildfire is burning
consuming our thoughts
every waking moment fixed upon
each other

The flame persists
fueling a bond of love
burning as one desire
forging a future and family

The flame remains
year upon year
waxing and waning
but never extinguished
within us

The flame lingers
smoldering low but sure
enveloped in selflessness
compassion, loving
as one

Our flame sustains
burning like twilight
comforting our hearts
enjoying the future built
hand in hand

My beloved is mine, and I am his.
      He feeds his flock among the lilies.
Song of Solomon 2:16 (NKJV).


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