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Taming the Wild – A Poem

The poetics prompt at dVerse Poets Pub today was to write about the WILD. My first thought was of a song by Johnny Cash called “The Beast in Me” (see video below). I thought of the line in that song, “God help the beast in me.” There is a little of the beast in all of us, and we need God to tame that beast, as we have no power to overcome the beast on our own.

Taming the Wild

The wild in me
I am powerless to tame
It would consume and
Obliterate my name

I walk the dark valley
of death in my heart
If I walk all alone
it will tear me apart

To be like You
is impossible to see
Instead I must die
and You live in me

I’ll not know tameness
nor escape from this hell
unless the divine
in my heart does dwell


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The Crossroads – Prose to Poetry

At the dVerse Poets Pub today readers were challenged to take a piece of prose and turn it into poetry. The prompt suggested finding an existing piece of prose in the public domain, but I was uncomfortable with doing something like that with another’s writing, even if it is in the public domain. So I went to a short story I wrote a while back called The Crossroads, and used the first three paragraphs as the starting point for this poem. I actually think it works better as a poem than as the original short story.

The Crossroads

Sarah stared
through the picture window
across the perfectly
manicured lawn

She and John
settled here 
twenty years ago
It seemed like forever

Once she was happy here
but now a feeling
of discontent
and despair
crept over her

She knew
there was more to life
than what they had
Beyond the blooming
rose bushes
and the Sycamore tree
was the crossroads

She gazed thoughtfully
down the narrow
dirt road
She knew where it led
Pure beauty
was found
down that road

She longed to move
away from the crossroads
down that dirt road
to a small house
with everything needed
to be content

But John
wouldn’t listen
His eye was on
a big mansion
up the highway

So here they stayed
at the crossroads
Neither willing
to go with the other
Neither willing
to go on alone


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Taboo Poetry – My Tuesday Three

Last Saturday I wrote a poem for the dVerse Poets Pub challenge to write on a taboo subject, such as sex, politics, or religion. There were 63 poets who took the challenge, and I read most of them. I decided to share three of my favorites for My Tuesday Three.

The first poem I want to share is called Conspicuous by Glynn over at Faith, Fiction, Friends. His “taboo” subject is conspicuous consumption, and how it has changed over the decades but still exists. As I read it, it occurred to me that the same kind of desire for status has existed for centuries. I thought of the Pharisees with their phylacteries and fasting in ways that made their piety obvious to others. The subject of status seeking is taboo because none of us want to admit we do it.

The second poem I want to share is called {don’t} just walk away by Anna over at wayside word garden. Her “taboo” subject is domestic abuse, and how we just don’t see it even when it’s right in front of us. Her poem is heartbreaking and ought to make us all open our eyes to the silent pain of women who are trapped in relationships that they shouldn’t have to be because they can’t see a way out.

The third poem I want to share is called The Circle of Silence by Christine over at An Inkling of sorts . . .. Her “taboo” subject is the intersection of mental illness and public prayer. This one in particular hit home for me. Prayer is so important and I think it is important to keep those struggling with mental illnesses in our prayers. And they need to know we support them. (Oh, who am I kidding – I need to know that my fellow Christians support me when melancholy threatens to set in.)

There were a lot of other good poems posted for this prompt, and a few I didn’t care for, but that’s okay because everyone has their own taste in poetry. If you want to read some more, click on the dVerse link above and then click on the Mr. Linky box at the bottom of the post.


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Offended – A Poem

I was at a loss for what to write for today, but then I read the prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub. It’s one I had read before at Kellie Elmore’s website. The prompt is to write about a taboo subject – examples given being sex, politics, and religion – and to not hold back on what you would say. I started to write a poem today is about my faith in the One Way to know God, I even wrote three stanzas, and then I took a break to get in the shower. While I showered I realized this poem was too generic and then thought of another poem, one that is taboo because it not only addresses my faith in Jesus but involves a real person who has been offended by my faith.


I watched on the small TV screen
(thankful now I didn’t own a big screen)
as the planes hit the towers
smoke and flames rising
And though it was 3,000 miles away
it was my country under attack

I was in shock
not knowing what to do
so I did all I could
I offered a prayer
typed in an email:

I prayed for the dead
and the dying.
The living who knew the dead.
For the rescue workers
and the cleanup crews.
For our nation to survive
and to heal.
For those who attacked us
even for them.
In Jesus’ name,

I hit send
I felt some peace

My phone rang
“This is Linda Kruschke, may I help you?”
I managed to say
“Hon,” I hear her say,
“I thought we agreed
you wouldn’t send forwards
like this to me?”

How did I reply?
I don’t recall exactly
I was stunned
The shock was almost as great
as when I saw the towers fall

She was offended
by my heartfelt prayer
because it was
in the name above all names
my sweet Jesus
in whom I trust

You see, she doesn’t believe
the same as I believe
It is to the goddess that she prays
Her and her coven lift their prayers
to mother earth

I do not judge her
That is God’s province
But I do not hide what I believe
I am who I am in Christ

But she has judged me
Intolerant and offensive
As if I’m the Westboro Baptist Church
spewing hatred wherever I go

She is my friend
I love her dearly
Her beliefs do not offend me
even if I do not agree

She is my friend
But if I must choose
between offending her
and denying my Savior
sadly I will offend
though I do not mean to
I only want to share His love

People were dead and dying
just as they are every day
Our nation was in need of healing
just as it is today
And she was offended
by the name of Jesus

Tears flow as I think of
the years we have been friends
I don’t know if I
am still a friend in her mind
She remains a friend in my heart
even as it breaks at the thought
that she is lost in her self-centered pride
and is offended
by the only Name that can save



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Poems on Poetry

At dVerse Poets Pub yesterday for the Meeting the Bar: Critique and Craft – hosted by Emmett Wheatfall we were challenged to write a poem about the craft of poetry. Immediately I thought of something I once wrote in a comment on a fellow blogger’s poem post. Later another poem on poetry started forming in my head about how important word choice is for poetry. So I decided to write them both and post today, with a link at dVerse.

Prose v. Poetry

Prose – explanatory material,
essays, briefs, and memos –
require proper grammar,
punctuation, complete sentences.
There must be a point,
clearly explained,
preferably well-outlined.


* * * * *

The Perfect Word

I must find
the perfect word
convey the feeling
I feel inside.

Dictionary and thesaurus
my best friends.

Which word
do I want?
Is my soul enveloped
or engulfed?

Dictionary and thesaurus
my best friends.
Word Hippo, too.

I reread my words
but they aren’t quite right.
Sad does not convey
despair is what I felt.

Dictionary and thesaurus
my best friends.
Word Hippo and
Biblegateway, too.

Words are insufficient
but the best I will seek
to glorify my God
hope that He gives me.


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Glimpsing Light in the Darkness – A Pantoum

This is an extra post for today in response to the challenge at dVerse Poets’ Pub. The FormForAll lesson for today was on how to write a pantoum. I don’t usually try to write poems in a specific form, and don’t even really know much about different poetic forms, but I’m learning. This form looked interesting and I read a couple of the linked poems that I really liked, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Glimpsing Light in the Darkness

Stumbling in the darkness
Searching for Your light
Perceiving despair’s caress
Filled with dread and fright

Searching for Your light
I know it must be here
Filled with dread and fright
That Your light has disappeared

I know it must be here
Overwhelmed by trepidation
That Your light has disappeared
Then I see Your demonstration

Overwhelmed by trepidation
Not flowing from above
Then I see Your demonstration
Comfort, peace, and love

Not flowing from above
Darkness enveloping me
Comfort, peace, and love
A glimpse of hope I see

Darkness enveloping me
Perceiving despair’s caress
A glimpse of hope I see
Stumbling in the darkness


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By Faith, Not by Sight

I recently found a poetry blog called “dVerse – Poets Pub” that provides poetry prompts and allows poets to link back to their own blog from the poetry blog. Today’s poetry prompt was about knowing something is there even when we can’t see it: Poetics – Third Eye Open. I liked this prompt because it fits quite perfectly with what I normally write for my blog, and so I decided to take the challenge and write an extra post for this week in the form of a poem in answer to this prompt.

By Faith, Not by Sight

I do not see You
You are Spirit, the invisible God
Once I wondered “Are You real?”
Now by faith I believe

I do not see You
But I feel You, the gracious God
My heart understands “You are real”
Now by faith I believe

I do not see You
But I know You, the loving God
My soul rejoices “Love is real”
Now by faith I believe

Not by sight
But by faith
I see You


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