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Give My Love to Rose

I’ve been listening to old Johnny Cash music in my car this past week. I love all his old stuff, but one song in particular has always been one of my favorites. I decided I wanted to share it for Music Monday. It’s called Give My Love to Rose.

It’s a sad song, but there is a glimmer of hope in the fact that the man was found before he died so that Rose would receive the message of how much he loved her.

The cynic in my always thinks, “What if they guy who finds him just takes off with the money and never gives his love to Rose?” But for some reason, maybe because of the sincerity of Johnny’s baritone voice, I believe that the message – and the money – will be delivered as requested.

As if to reinforce the message, the dying man says, “God bless you for finding me this morning, and don’t forget to give my love to Rose.” He puts what is left of his life in the hands of this man who found him, and puts the life of the man who found him in the hands of God.


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