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Give Just by Visiting, Again

Check out this post — Buck-a-Hit-Day — on the blog of one of my law school professors, Jack Bogdanski. Just visiting the blog will cause him to donate $1 to charity, up to $5,000. He also has links to 6 charities that readers are encouraged to donate to, with a matching promise! This is the 9th year he has done this on his blog.

Jack’s link to my blog back in Oct. 2009 was responsible for my busiest blog day ever, though I’ve come a long way and hope to one day have 677 hits in one day on my own. I’m certain my link to his blog won’t generate nearly that much traffic for him because I average only about 90 hits a day and many of those are to older posts. But Jack’s got a good thing going, so check it out.


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