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Do You Hear God’s Whispers in the Dark?

All last week I was listening to Skillet’s Comatose CD in my car. There is one song on this CD that I have always liked, but it wasn’t until last week that I realized how awesome the lyrics are. It’s called Whispers in the Dark. I don’t know if this is what the band intended, but I imagine this song as God singing into the soul of a lost and broken person who can’t find their own way out of the darkness of this world.

My favorite line is when it says, “My love is a burning consuming fire.” God’s love is a consuming fire that burns up all that is worthless within the heart of each person who trusts in Him. Once you trust in Him, you will never be alone. He will be the One who finds you, the One who guides you, the One you run to, and the One who holds you.

If you don’t like hard rock music you might not enjoy this song, but you can see the lyrics if you watch the video without the sound. But I just love the driving power of the music as well as the lyrics. It starts out quietly, then hits hard with the full force of the rock instruments. It reminds me of how God can start to quietly woo a person, calling them to Himself, but then once you believe He hits hard with all His love and mercy, and never lets go.

If you listen closely, you can hear His whispers in the dark night of your soul.


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