My Tuesday Three – A Poem

It has been a very busy week and I haven’t had time to put into writing a long Tuesday Three post. But over the past few days this poem has been floating around in my head. It’s simple, but holds a truth that I want everyone to know.


Our Redeemer, the Holy One, Emmanuel


Cherishes, Adores, Treasures


Me, Us, All the World



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10 responses to “My Tuesday Three – A Poem

  1. Simple but so true!
    Incredible how He (the Perfect One) could love me (the sinner) but true!
    What an amazing Saviour!


  2. God bless you, Linda, as you continue to think of Him . . .and us . . .even when there is so much going on that you have to do! I don’t think I would be blogging if I worked like you do! 🙂
    This was wonderful and blessed me so much. Some days it’s all I need to know and remember.
    love and prayers for your work week!


  3. Beautiful.

    How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds in a believers’ ear……


  4. Sweet simple Truth just like Jesus’ Love


  5. Thanks for that poem. It’s wonderful and simple, and true. Thanks for sharing it. Connie


  6. Ann

    Thanks, Linda
    the ‘simple’ truths have been coming fast and furious today!

    Thanks for adding to the mix 😉


    P.S. – Life on the other side of blogland is getting way busier than I anticipated. I will be more or less a silent observer for the next few months while I iron out issues that need my attention. I will pass by, I will still read and I will continue to pray as you share the hard truths and the message of His love.
    I’ve been sharing this note with my blogging pals who post daily. Hope I won’t have to miss any of these beautiful pieces. 😦


    • Ann, Thanks for sharing the other links. I will check them out. I can understand life outside blogland getting busy. I don’t get a chance to read as much as I like. I will keep you in my prayers for working through all the busyness and staying close to Jesus. Peace, Linda


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