My Giant Straw – A Poem

The Saturday poetry prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub is to write about pop culture, to create a poetry version of pop art. I immediately thought of a pop art sculpture my son made two summers ago. The bendy straw and plastic cup are definitely part of our pop culture, the staple of fast food restaurants. So I wrote a poem about his sculpture and included a picture.

My Giant Straw

A giant straw
meticulously crafted
of paper-wrapped straws
adorns my living room

Why? Because
the paper-wrapped straws
were there
crying out to be used

But a giant straw
can’t stand alone

A giant cup
swiftly crafted
of plastic cups
adorns my living room

Why? Because
a giant straw
all alone
has no purpose

Do you think
Giant Burger might
want to buy it?

Giant Straw and Cup - They're bigger than the dog!





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27 responses to “My Giant Straw – A Poem

  1. That is really creative pop art. Writing about it is spot on.
    Or how big is Spot?


  2. I enjoyed the poem and the pop art so much! What fun! God bless you as you keep writing and sharing and inspiring!


  3. Size does change everything


  4. Ann

    Interesting Linda,

    Great for thirst quenching, I imagine 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



  5. That’s just too funny, great work all of you!


  6. I enjoyed the art piece from your son. Very nice interpretation of the prompt.. both picture and words.

    Have a happy day to you and to your family ~


  7. impressed by your take on a straw, we use it everyday.

    beautiful piece of poetry/art.


  8. so cool… and you really have them in your living room…that’s awesome..made me smile linda..also love how the dog looks..


    • Well technically they aren’t in my living room any more (which my son pointed out when I read him the poem), but they were for about a year and a half. 😉 Now they are in the spare bedroom. But the dog has the run of the house. Peace, Linda


  9. This really made me smile!


  10. I love the idea that a straw is nothing without a cup. very profound.


  11. Very cool piece of art from your son! I love it, and your piece makes it all the more fun 🙂


    • Lori, Thanks – there’s a lot of cool art around my house thanks to him, and suspect there will be more in the future. He’s working on a pencil and charcoal portrait of his dad in Art class right now. 🙂 Peace, Linda


  12. of course there needs to be a large straw…which needs a large cup…and a large burger would just make the scene…ha…kinda like if you give a mouse a cookie…smiles.


    • Brian, My son did contemplate make a giant hamburger box, but getting enough hamburger boxes to make it with was not as easy as the cups and straws. Maybe someday. (Love if you give a mouse a cookie!) Peace, Linda


  13. IDK, but you put me in the mood for a giant burger. Luved the repeition, the tone, the image, the use of the art. Excellent job. Very entertaining and enjoyable.


    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Your hankering for a giant burger made me laugh! It helped to have a good subject, and the funny thing is my son (14 at the time) actually asked if I thought the Giant Burger near us would want to buy it. We haven’t asked. Peace, Linda


  14. Wonderful poem to go with a great piece of pop art. Blessings to your son. Who knows, he might be the next Andy Warhol.


  15. Loved the image and background you provided, whimsical piece! ~ Rose


  16. I’m smiling ear-to-ear, Linda. Very clever work of art–visually and verbally. And I love the dog! Peace to you, too. Thanks for joining.


    • Thanks. It’s kind of fun having such a visually creative son. There’s a lot of his artwork in the house. 🙂 The dog is pretty awesome to have around, too. Such a loveable little guy. Peace, Linda


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