Prayer – A Poem

Prayer finds me
seeking You for
comfort and healing
here on my knees

As I come to You
my mind is turned
to others who need
what I seek for me

Immanuel, You
are with me now
as I focus on You
instead of my pain

Never to forsake me
You have promised
I find it is true
when You I seek

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10 responses to “Prayer – A Poem

  1. Lovely and genuine.


  2. Natural, unforced emotions. Prayer does soothe the soul. Continue to have faith.


  3. My heart aches some at this, because the poem is so genuine and comes from a reality of what you know and live. God bless you, Linda, as you combine the reality of your pain with honest prayer to your Lord, the Maker and Healer of all. love and prayers!


  4. Really touching and rather striking poem Linda… I hope that you are not having any worse pain issues though….. I’ll always pray with you too …


  5. Great acrostic poem – it flows very naturally and does not come across as forced. Here’s hoping some comfort and relief come your way.


  6. nice acrostic…smiles…prayer ever reminds us of our position…


  7. Ann

    Beautiful piece, Linda. Very deep. I hear your heart in this.
    Keeping you in my prayers.


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