Psalm 23 in Song

Last night, as my husband was watching the Super Bowl, I was thinking about what to post for today. I glanced at the table next to me and my iPod was sitting there. So I decided to go to my Christian playlist, hit shuffle, and share the first song that came up. It was Psalm 23 by Trevor Morgan.

I love this song. I love that Trevor Morgan took a wonderful Psalm – which originated as a song – and put it to such beautiful music.

I was very happy that this was the song that came up because it reminded me that I get to see Trevor Morgan when he opens for Third Day in May. I am really looking forward to the concert because Third Day is my favorite Christian band. The last time I saw them at Fish Fest last summer, Trevor Morgan was there and I got to hear him play a few songs, including Psalm 23. I bought his CD and have enjoyed it a lot. I am hoping he will be singing more at the upcoming concert.



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2 responses to “Psalm 23 in Song

  1. Lovely music for that psalm. 🙂


  2. This is sooooo beautiful , beautiful Linda. Aub and I were blessed and swaying to the music. God bless you and cover you with His love!


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