Valuable — A Poem

I wrote this to share with the poets at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night No. 31 today.


More precious than all the golden rings
of all the princes and earthly kings
the Son of God came from above
to show us His great and holy love

Nothing else do we really need
when His love we deeply heed
All else He provides when we ask
To share His love is our only task

What is most valuable in this life?
Where do we turn in times of strife?
Not wealth or gold or shiny things
but the precious love of the King of kings



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23 responses to “Valuable — A Poem

  1. What greater love . . . no love can compare, or even come near, the love of God for sinful mankind. No love could hold a candle to the brilliance of the love of the Saviour as He bore the wrath of His Father as He paid the penalty for my sins.

    >> “What is most valuable in this life?”
    May my heart response always be ‘my relationship with my loving Father’ and may my life show this to those I meet.

    What an amazing God!


  2. Love is everything! Nice capture!


  3. nice capture of true love


  4. “Where do we turn in times of strife….”

    Why does living in those times always make us cling to Him more? I wish I was more faithful than that, but at least I’m resting in His peace tonight. Praise God. And thanks for the reminder. : )


  5. most valuable! Thanks! Need to be reminded of this more often!


  6. Caddo Veil

    Thank you, Linda! So wonderful about HIM!


  7. Lovely spin on Valentines day 🙂


  8. This sounded like a song to me, beautiful Linda! 🙂 Thank you for writing and sharing and loving your King. God bless you!


  9. Very smooth write! Well done!


  10. Just flew off the tongue, as the rhymes were spun. So very true too. Wonderfully done!


  11. The greatest love of all…and perhaps divine intervention…posting on Love day! Wonderful share!


  12. …and his love is still there when no one talks about valentines any more..smiles


  13. Thanks for sharing that great poem. God has really blessed you with a gift. Connie


  14. smiles…yes his love is far more valuable than any treasure we can find here….


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