Lent – A Poem

For Thankful Thursday today, this first Thursday in Lent, I decided I just want to post a simple poem about how thankful I am for this season that draws our focus towards Christ.


Lamb of God, slain for me
ternal One, Thy love I see
ow and forever, I turn to Thee
hou are my life – set me free



Filed under Faith, Jesus, Life, Poetry

3 responses to “Lent – A Poem

  1. Shirl Ocampo

    ^_^ Happy for you


  2. So perfect and true to Him! Love it , Linda! God bless you as you focus on Him today!


    • Deb, You are such a wonderful encouragement! I actually wrote part of this during our Ash Wednesday service. I’d thought about writing an acrostic poem for Lent before I went to church, and then we were singing a song about the Lamb of God it just came to me that I had to start the poem with this name for Jesus. 🙂 Peace, Linda


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