Thank God for Grace

On my way to work this morning I was listening to Third Day in the car. This song — Caught Up In Yourself — came on and I decided I wanted to share it today. It fits perfectly with our weekly lesson on grace that we heard in church yesterday and will be discussing in my small group meeting tonight. My favorite part is the bridge:

Thank God for mercy
Thank God for His grace
Thank God for everything you’ve got
Before it’s too late

I know I don’t deserve God’s grace and mercy. I know I’m not good enough to ever earn it, and could never be no matter how hard I tried. But thankfully I don’t have to earn God’s grace — it is a gift.



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4 responses to “Thank God for Grace

  1. Grace is a gift . . . and WHAT a gift! Without it we would be most miserable and desperately hopeless – guilty, condemned, doomed.


  2. I’m constantly having to remind myself that it’s not about me! And when I forget, my wife reminds me! 😀


  3. This song is so good . . caught up in yourself. yep. That happens way too much! Thanking Him for mercy and grace today! God bless you as you go to your small group tonight!


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