friendship – A Poem

This weekend I will be visiting with old friends and family as well as seeing friends at church on Sunday. As I thought about what I was going to write for Thankful Thursday, I decided I wanted to express how thankful I am for friends new and old, those related to me by blood and those who are connected to me by shared experiences and faith.

I decided to write this as a double acrostic because friendship is something that is with us from the beginning of our lives to the end.

or all my life it’s been my belief
rain or shine, whether near or far
images of love on my heart like graffiti
each memory together reveals love
needing each other to bear our burden
daily desiring friends to be around
sharing our experiences and lives
hoping to be together to our last breath
images of love on my heart like graffiti
painted far beyond skin deep

* * * * *

Note: It seems I have twice submitted this poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night. So that I don’t forget and link it again I’m adding this little link back to dVerse.



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18 responses to “friendship – A Poem

  1. I love the idea of images of love on one’s heart like graffiti…..


  2. So well put Linda. there is nothing more important than the love and connection we get from friends and family. Life would be nothing without it.


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. It is true that God made us to be in relationship, with Him and with others, and life would not be the same without friends and family. The friends who inspired this poem are especially dear to me. Peace, Linda


  3. What an excellent choice… this was very good, and you have defined friendship so well


  4. You have really nailed the importance of friendship in your poem. I really liked the repeating line “images of love on my heart like graffiti. ” Friends are irreplaceable treasures.


  5. a double acrostic is perfect for a poem about friendship – well done!


  6. Laurie Kolp

    Friends are like angels on earth… enjoy! Great double acrostic!!


  7. I’ve never seen a poem written as a double acrostic. I can only imagine the work involved! 🙂 Well done!


  8. it’s good to have friends like this that paint images of love on the heart like graffiti…very cool job on the double acrostic as well linda


  9. poemsofhateandhope

    Friendship- one of the most important things in the world! And you captured it here beautifully in great great form….loved this ….made me think about MY friends and how much they mean to me


  10. ah those friends are truly special you know…love the double acrostic…very cool…have fun with your friends this week!


  11. Very interesting. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one of those before. Bravo!


  12. Wow Linda! I have never tried a double acrostic . . .you did an amazing job! Loved it! God bless you and your time with friends and family! Yay!


    • Deb, I’ve only done it once before, when I wrote a poem on Community. I couldn’t do it without where I can do a search for all words that end in a particular letter. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. Peace, Linda


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