Undeserving – A Sestina

For quite some time I’ve wanted to write a sestina, but I was intimidated by the complex structure of this poetry form. I finally decided to give it a try as part of my 40 poems for Lent. It was a challenge but well worth the effort, I think. I am excited that I was able to finish it in time to post it for today so that I can share it at dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night later today.


Of Your sweet grace I feel undeserving
Feelings are not the source of Your mercy
I can’t comprehend the depth of Your love
When I allow other things to be lord
Settle for what the world has to offer
I am chasing after earthly things still

I long for my heart and soul to be still
Turmoil hems in thoughts I’m undeserving
Quieting turmoil is Your grand offer
The utmost above all gifts Your mercy
I can’t comprehend why You love me, Lord
But the heart of Your character is love

The chief desire of the human heart love
In a world filled with things we seek it still
We miss that You are the source of all, Lord
When we don’t earn we feel undeserving
Yet freely, as a great gift You offer
Each of us unearned, undeserved mercy

I have nothing of worth I can offer
I cannot fathom the value of love
I cannot grasp the worth of Your mercy
Longing for Your peace to calm my heart still
Still knowing I am so undeserving
Yet knowing in my heart You love me, Lord

Satan still seeks over me to be lord
Claiming he has more than You to offer
Reminding me I am undeserving
Of what I require most—Your grace and love
Faintly I hear Your beautiful voice still
In faith I reach for Your amazing mercy

I praise You, dear Jesus, for Your mercy
For eternity my beloved, my Lord
When I was gone astray You loved me still
I delight in grace You freely offer
I need naught else because I have Your love
You never make me feel undeserving

Lord, I am undeserving
but still You love me
and offer mercy



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15 responses to “Undeserving – A Sestina

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  2. This one is very special. I really identify with feelings you expressed in it. Plus it is written beautifully.


    • Theresa, Thank you. This was a challenging poem to write, both from the standpoint of the sestina form and the topic – to get from the feelings of being underserving to the knowledge that He loves us anyway. Peace, Linda


  3. lucychili

    love is powerful


  4. On the form – just Wow!! On the content – Amen.


  5. Wow Linda! What a blessing this poem is! I love that you wanted to try a sestina .. .and did! God bless you!


  6. Linda…this is fantastic! You handled a challenging for beautifully…much respect!


  7. thank goodness for grace you know…all undeseriving we come before the throne for it…gotta love the heart willing to love hte undeserving…smiles…nicely done to form too…


  8. Beautifully expressed, Linda. We are only ‘deserving’ because of Jesus’ gift of mercy! Your poem is a wonderful meditation for lent.


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