Knock at the Door – A Trireme Sonnet

Joy, where’s my joy, I’m always wanting more
Lord, bring me peace and comfort is my plea
I find only stress and fear in this place

Soft knocking, I hear knocking at the door
A sound so sweet, it’s beckoning to me
I peer through the window, see His sweet face

He enters, in awe I fall to the floor
He bids me arise, all my fear does flee
I find myself in His heartfelt embrace

I found my joy in the One I adore
From the shackles of sin He set me free
We dine in the miracle of His grace

Finally I trust I will win the race
My Savior is here with me in this place
Jesus Knocking

Last Thursday Sam Peralta shared a lesson on the trireme sonnet for the dVerse Poets Pub FormForAll. I didn’t have time to write one before the link box for that post expired, but I had one on mind that included Sam’s extra challenge to make it an ekphrastic poem, meaning it is inspired by a picture or painting. I plan on sharing this for Open Linke Night at dVerse later today.

I’ve included here the painting that inspired this poem. It is an old painting on a burl of Jesus standing at a door knocking. This particular painting of this scene, which is based on Revelation 3:20, used to hang in my in-laws house, but they gave it to us last year so now it is in my living room.



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16 responses to “Knock at the Door – A Trireme Sonnet

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks 🙂


  2. I reckon you’re leading by a couple of lengths at least…


  3. First – you’ve written this really well to the form requirements.
    Second – the subject matter; your relationship with your Saviour [mine too :-)] is so obviously vital in making you who you are. The love you have for him infuses every word here.


  4. …finding a true companion with our Lord is greatest blessing, i say… wonderful offering and well-devoted passion… smiles…


  5. What a blessing this is .. .you put us there with you and Him! God bless you as you keep writing and sharing His story!


  6. smiles…there is such reassurance in such a savior that will find us in our hour of need and bring peace back to our souls…nicely done to form as well ma’am…smiles.


  7. kudos on a job well done with this difficult form– and ekphrastic, no less!


  8. I can feel your joy in this poetry. Very good.


  9. I cannot get over how moving and beautiful this poem is. Thank you so much for sharing it.



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