Perseverance – A Poem

We must persevere
trials in this world
finding within each one
great blessings for the day

We must endure
losses in this world
recalling for each one
the blessing of knowing
that which was lost

We must persist
never give up
when the road is easy
or the road is tough
seeing the good blessings
of our God in Heaven

We must persevere
to the finish
Christ will see us through



Filed under Faith, Jesus, Life, Poetry

4 responses to “Perseverance – A Poem

  1. Thinking of you, Linda, and lifting you up, as you journey through Lent, lending God your pen and your heart. Love and prayers.


  2. the road is not easy…even when it is….and we should be ever faithful either way…we tend to forget when it is easier how much we need that traveling partner…smiles.


  3. not always easy to keep walking when the road is tough.. one of my fav heroes in the bible, joseph the dreamer was a master in making the best of such times, he’s my big idol


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