Last Breath – A Cinquain

in, out again
no other sound so dear
except if you spoke, one more time,
I’d hear.

I wrote this cinquain for dVerse Poets Pubs FormForAll. It is my attempt to capture my experience of Thursday last week as I sat in my sister’s hospital room, praying she had it in her to keep fighting cancer, but knowing she did not.



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10 responses to “Last Breath – A Cinquain

  1. Thank you for sharing this very moving and beautiful poem. Praying for you too.


  2. Beautiful poem and I’m sorry…


  3. Tearing up and praying for you too, trusting Jesus to hold you now, and speak the words of comfort to you. God bless you.


  4. Ouch, very touching. I know those hours and days. Tough. Well written. Thanx for sharing the context.


  5. This is so very moving – I can say no more…


  6. Linda, so sorry about your sister. Your cinquain is profound, from the heart.. Not easy times for you.


  7. margaretbednar

    …one more time to hear a voice. Yes, a tough, very tough thing. Expressed quite lovingly, sweetly here in this poem.


  8. smiles…lovely…comforting to hear the breathing but when it stops…ah to wish for one more word…i am so sorry for your loss linda…


  9. i’m sorry to hear about your sister linda…this reminded me of my dad, he died of lung cancer when i was 17..


  10. This is a beautiful cinquain, born in adversity as so many of Adelaide Crapsey’s were. So sorry to hear about your loss. Will be praying for you.


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