Application Procrastination – A Cinquain

last-minute rush
procrastination’s toll
selecting artwork and writing
all done

My son has a scholarship application due today for The Art Institute of Portland. Although the actual artwork he submitted has been done for some time, getting prints, finalizing the essay, and those last little details succumbed to the procrastination of an artist who “just doesn’t care about time.” But the entry is done now and will be turned in soon.



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3 responses to “Application Procrastination – A Cinquain

  1. Praying his application is well received! God bless you and yours!


    • Thanks! He did have some great artwork to submit and did a good job on his essay, too. Plus both of his art teachers gave him letters of recommendation. 🙂 May the Lord grant him favor with the contest judges. Peace, Linda


  2. Sounds like someone I know…me!

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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