Break’s Over – The Silence Speaks

The last time I posted was on March 30, the day before Easter, at the end of my 40 poems for Lent challenge. I never intended to go three months without posting, but I guess I needed the break. A lot has happened this year to keep me otherwise occupied, and I’ve spent a lot of time just listening to God. But I’ve really missed blogging so now the break’s over.

It’s funny how the longer I went without blogging, the harder it has been to get back to it. I think I just put so much pressure on myself to make this post so profound that I couldn’t come up with something I thought was worth writing about. So I finally decided to just start with a simple poem about how sometimes it’s more important to listen than to speak. In the coming weeks perhaps I’ll share what I’ve been hearing.

The Silence Speaks

Sometimes I feel compelled to speak
Often, truth be told,
I talk too much,
afraid of the silence

But when I stop, perfectly still
Listening thoughtfully,
Waiting patiently,
the silence speaks
His love and grace

7/2/13 update: I decided to share this poem at dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night, which I’ve also missed over the past 3 months.



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7 responses to “Break’s Over – The Silence Speaks

  1. A wonderful poetic return. Glad to see you back. I like this, and can relate!


  2. I long for more listening and more silence. A quite, welcome read.


  3. Nice to see you, Linda. I do agree about the silence. It IS important to listen to the words of others, to nature, to ourselves.


  4. welcome back…smiles…
    the silence does speak when we still ourselves enough to hear it
    and not fee like we have to fill the silence…


  5. Wonderful poem and post. Praying that I can be still enough to hear Him each day! Thanks and God bless you!


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