Savior, then Lord – A Sedoka of Sorts

While I was taking a break from blogging I missed a number of Form For All lessons at dVerse Poets Pub, so I decided yesterday to go check out the lessons I had missed to see if there was a new poetry form I could try. Sam Peralta—one of my favorite dVerse teachers—offered a lesson on the Japanese poetry form called the sedoka that consists of two tercets with lines of 5, 7, and 7 syllables each. Sam wrote, “The poem’s two verses usually provide two perspectives on the theme, with a sharp division after the third line, and a soft turn after line five, before the conclusion.” I decided to give it a try with one of my favorite themes.

Savior, then Lord

He died on the cross
Saving the souls of mankind
A free gift of salvation

We accept His gift
But this is not quite enough
For true change He must be Lord



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9 responses to “Savior, then Lord – A Sedoka of Sorts

  1. Thanks for true words put to verse, no better sedoka could be written.


  2. thank you for your sedokas… well done.


  3. Thanks not only for the great sedoka, but also for sharing what one is! God bless you as you keep turned to Him!


  4. Amen! Amen! Thanks for this.


  5. Beautifully done Linda–


  6. …wonderful sedokas so passionately & carefully conceived… well done… smiles…


  7. true that…there is submission, which goes even further than obedience…smiles….nice sedoka


  8. Jasmine Cerys Ruby

    I love this. I remember learning about sedokas in school and thinking they were pretty cool. Might have to try one myself 🙂


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