an introduction to legal reasoning – A Stack Poem

Taking a quick break at work and decided to see if I could “write” another stack poem with the books on my bookshelf in my office. This is what I came up with.



an introduction to legal reasoning

Contract as Promise
The Death of Contract
Who Moved My Cheese?
Lawyers and Other Reptiles



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16 responses to “an introduction to legal reasoning – A Stack Poem

  1. Today I learned something new! Until now I had never heard of a stack poem. Now I am wondering what kind of stack poetry I could come up with, especially in my newly acquired theological library (on loan from a professor who moved to Canada – 19 banker’s boxes full). I could easily read from my own shelves of books, but wouldn’t it be neat to open up a box and write a poem based on what was packed by someone else?


    • Anthony, That would be fun! Sounds like a great challenge. I hadn’t heard of a stack poem before last week either. I like the one title Mere Christianity that I wrote with the books from my home library, but this one was kind of fun, too. Peace, Linda


  2. I actually read the “Fried” in the 1st spine as part of the title, so I got a happy layer of fried cheese & sharp teeth too. (I tried writing with my workplace books on sociology, erk, couldn’t find my way through — hats off to you!)


  3. Samuel Peralta / Semaphore

    This is brilliant, humorous but with a rapier-sharp undercurrent of truth! Also shows that in the right hands, even the most unlikely book titles can be turned into biting verse.


  4. This was way fun, Linda! Thanks for our smiles today! God bless you!


  5. hahaha killer last line….smiles….
    this is def the stereotype you have to live with..


  6. i think i have read that one ..who moved my cheese… in german though..


  7. That last title is just too funny …


  8. Love the last line. Great stack!


  9. I like the leap in concepts from cheese to reptiles.


  10. calling lawyers reptiles is almost too kind to them. lol 🙂


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