Advent Is – A Googlism Poem

This afternoon I was reading the poetry of a fellow blogger who had commented on one of my poems, and learned of a Form for All lesson I had missed at dVerse Poets Pub a few weeks ago. The lesson from Sam Peralta was on writing a poem based on the results of a search at (not affiliated with Google, Inc.). I decided to give it a try and typed in the word “Advent” in the search. I then created the following poem out of the results. I decided not to repeat the phrase “Advent is” with each line, but instead to group the results into several stanzas. With Advent just around the corner (it starts Dec. 1), I offer this poem in preparation.

12/3/13 Update: We are 3 days into the Advent season, but I decided to share this for Open Link Night at dVerse today.

Advent Is

Advent is coming

Advent is a season

a holy season

a marvelous season

a season of preparation

not a penitential season

too good a season to waste

the season that begins the liturgical year

an especially lovely season and we can make great use of it

Advent is a time

a time of waiting

a time of preparation

a time of awaiting God

a time of spiritual preparation

a time of preparation for Christmas

a time of expectation and reflection

a time of awaiting a God who loves us

a time when Christians prepare to greet Christ

a time to celebrate Light in the midst of darkness

a time for looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus

a good time for us to live like people who are being redeemed

Advent is

for waiting

active waiting

promise of peace

about preparation

rest for the weary

anticipation and hope

about who holds the future

both a beginning and an end

one of those marvelous little jewels

a period of devout and joyful expectation

celebrated by Christians all over the world

a longing and anticipation in the midst of suffering

celebrated as a time of joy and hope as we await the coming of the King

Advent is kind of like that



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19 responses to “Advent Is – A Googlism Poem

  1. And you arranged them to be in the shape of trees! So well done! I’d love to print these for our house, may I?


  2. I enjoyed your seasonal poem Linda and the great use of the form – in both senses of the word. It is also a wonderful reflection on the meaning of Advent.


  3. Thanks for this i just learn a word with its full meaning…….. woooooh


  4. cool on doing a googlism poem… and advent…too good a season to waste… so true.. i love the spirit of preparing and waiting…


  5. Very nice. I like Googlisms.This reminds me of being Catholic. 🙂


  6. Finally a “googlism poem” with some structure! That was nice. And I enjoyed your laconic ending line. Truth is people have no idea of what advent is.


    • Anders, I’m all about structure in my poetry. Even my free verse has structure! Our God is a God of order and so I like to follow suit. 🙂 Personally, I love Advent and taking time to reflect on the true gift of Christmas. Peace, Linda


  7. A great way to sum up advent. 🙂


  8. I preached on this theme on Sunday 1st December 2013 – you’ve said all I tried to say then, and said it better too.


  9. Yes, Advent is like that! Nice poem!


  10. Beautiful, Linda!! I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of advent as well….both as leading up to the birth of Jesus & also leading up to the time when Jesus will come again.


  11. Oh… yes advent is a lot of things … and yes it has arrived… we light another candle every week…


  12. smiles…caught this last week when i got your ping…i hope that your advent is going well…smiles.


  13. about who holds the future…smiles…i like that line much…and its only days away…i hope that yours is a special time of waiting in anticipation…


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