Fearless – A Poem

This poem was inspired by my Bible Study Fellowship teaching leader, who has been a great inspiration to me. We are doing a study of Matthew and some of the phrases in this poem are inspired by the encounters with Jesus that we have been studying.


Fearless disciple
following Christ
wherever He may lead
Into the storm
or to foreign lands
wherever there is need

Fearless child
of the Living God
rejoicing, “I am freed!”
The cross of Christ
the Gospel true, she
rejoicing plants a seed

Fearless leader
forging ahead with
teaching we do heed
The Word of Life
the source from which all
teaching does proceed



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13 responses to “Fearless – A Poem

  1. put in a chorus, and you have the base for a nice song.


  2. when we realize the reality of who is on our side
    and really allow our faith the reigns
    its amazing how fearless we can be.

    the one that inspired this must be quite the person.


  3. With fearlessness directly aimed miracles can happen


  4. Oh yes, there are certainly a lot of fearless people in the Bible indeed. And today as well. Glad to see you back!


  5. Well done, Linda! We truly do have every reason to be fearless 🙂 Blessings!


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