Unheard – A Sedoka (Sort of)

The deafening sound
of a cry unheard, silenced
‘ere it had a chance at life

Echoes whispering
in a mother’s heart and soul
aching to hear what’s unheard

* * * * *

2/25/14 Update: Shared this for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night today because I haven’t had time to write a new poem for today.



Filed under Faith, Family, Life, Poetry

8 responses to “Unheard – A Sedoka (Sort of)

  1. poignant… makes me think of my friend who is trying desperately to get pregnant.


  2. This one brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for this amazing write.


  3. A stillborn sorrow.. so well expressed. I thought that a sedoka should give two viewpoints of the same scene.. and I think you do that turn.. the first scene looks at the mother, and the second is seen from the mothers viewpoint… so I think you meet the bar.


  4. I’m hearing a (sort of) mother’s regret here…. If my suspicion is correct than I am certain this emotion is even more powerful than a mother’s love…. What a great swath of sadness across the world that such a small (sort’a) sedoka would ponder… powerful poetry…..


  5. a cry unheard . . . powerful write about an emotive topic.


  6. that opening stanza…the cry unheard is sad you know…dying before it has a chance….mmm. the heart of a mother hearing it….its hard as a parent to hear…


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