Hope of Things New – A Poem

Innocence lost
can never be restored

Trust broken
is forever destroyed

Zuzu’s petals
cannot be pasted

Hope shattered
remains in tiny pieces

Cake once eaten
can never be made whole

With you and me
restoration is impossible

But with God
all things are possible
all things can be made new
all things will be used for our good



Filed under Faith, Jesus, Life, Poetry

7 responses to “Hope of Things New – A Poem

  1. A new meaning, a new insight – says a lot beyond the words.


  2. I love the reference to Zuzu’s petals, and the idea that I always have another chance. :o)


  3. Amen! So nicely penned with a powerful close.


  4. yes, with him all things are different
    trust is a hard one for me
    but it has happened
    been restored.
    but def hard.


  5. Ooh I like the petals not pasted image 🙂


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