Experiencing Texas Skillet – Blind Poetry Poem

The prompt today at dVerse Poets Pub Meeting at the Bar is “The Blind Poet,” which means we were to write a poem using any or all of the senses except sight. I immediately thought of food and all the smells, sounds, and tastes that go with it.

Experiencing Texas Skillet

The aroma of hamburger frying
with onion, a little sweet pepper.
I hear his key in the lock, the creaky hinge
and he says, “It smells like heaven.”

The news drones on from the living room
The electric can opener grinds,
opening beans, tomatoes, corn
Ingredients for our favorite dish

“Dinner’s ready!” Plates clink,
Texas Skillet Dinner is piled high
topped with cheese, sour cream,
and for dairy-free me, avocado

Did I mention chili powder,
chipotle, and cumin to taste
Spicy taste – why it’s “Texas”
with crunchy corn chips on the side

“Come Lord Jesus, be our guest,
and let this Texas Skillet Dinner
to us be blessed,” we say in unison
Then we eat, and it’s heaven.



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12 responses to “Experiencing Texas Skillet – Blind Poetry Poem

  1. hypercryptical

    Yum – sounds like heaven!
    Anna :o]


  2. Sounds yummy…i could taste and smell heaven (well, almost)!


  3. it sounds sort of like paella, multifaceted


  4. Now I am hungry! What a delicious treat!


  5. Sounds wonderful…similar blessing we say 😉


  6. You’ve chosen the perfect ingredients to fill the house with the enticing smells of dinner. And the sound of the can opener always alerts one to the coming meal. Well done.


  7. Luckily I’m not hungry right now.. but it sounds perfectly good..


  8. Laurie Kolp

    Sounds yummy!


  9. nice blessing….now can we eat…mmm….you made me hungry and i just finished breakfast….smiles….sounds delicious……you did very well with this linda….


  10. oh i’m getting hungry… sounds like a wonderful meal… have to check out the recipe…hmmm…


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