A New Creation

I’m not a sinner and nothing more
I’m also a saint who Christ restored

I live each day a new creation
The Holy Rock my firm foundation

Though I have sinned, falling short of God’s glory
My life of sin is not the end of the story

I live each day a new creation
Relying on the Spirit to resist temptation

Christ died to redeem a sinner like me
Now I have His sweet victory

I live each day a new creation
Secure and free in my salvation



Filed under Faith, Jesus, Life, Poetry

12 responses to “A New Creation

  1. let your light shine 🙂


  2. So richly filled with hope.


  3. scotthastiepoet

    Bravely written Linda- I admire this a lot – “not the end of the story..” indeed!
    With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com


  4. Each day is a new creation–a gift to be savored and returned with love to the giver of all gifts Something to remember throughout the day..


  5. thank goodness our sin is not the end of our story…
    and that we can awaken each day redeemed…
    imagine if we lived like that…


  6. There are emotions like this that give life its meaning


  7. Nice rhythm and rhyme – good form. And so very happily true!


  8. That is a wonderful way to live — being a new creation each day.


  9. ….and that gives us a wonderful freedom and security…
    a beautiful hymn…


  10. I love remembering that we are made new! Especially when memories of how I used to be come creeping in. Thank you, Linda, and God bless!


    • Debbie, The thing our teaching leader said in the lecture that made me think of this poem was that if we think of ourselves as saints instead of sinners, we will live differently. I think that is true. It’s much easier to slip back into old habits and patterns of thinking if we think “Well, I’m just a sinner, I can’t help it.” But we aren’t just a sinner – we are redeemed, we are saints, we are His new creation! That makes it so much easier to live for Him. 🙂 Peace, Linda


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