No Snow

We’ve had no snow this winter
We’ve had no snow at all
I’d say it makes me sad and blue
But I haven’t got the gall


A silly poem for the dVerse Poets Pub prompt today. It’s actually the opposite of what we were supposed to write about, which was being snowed under or iced in, but I really dislike cold and winter and am happy that we have had mild weather this year.



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13 responses to “No Snow

  1. guffaw, I hate cold too.


  2. Ha, ha, I like cheeky rebels! It’s OK to hate snow. I’ll probably start feeling less friendly towards it in a couple of weeks’ time… It’s just that it was long overdue. A very witty, funny poem.


  3. Oh no.. we’ve had none either.. and although i love to see it.. i don’t miss it that much the few times i’ve seen it after it goes…

    And after reading through the poetry today.. i think i’m better without it overall..:)


  4. Silly is good! I wish we had no snow too…


  5. heh-heh…you made me giggle…we’ve had no snow either this year…I wrote about it like this in 2012:


  6. Glenn Buttkus

    Dodged the snow bullet here in NW WA. too. Glad to hear your honesty about disliking snow; love to find another “snow-hater” on on the trail; too many Pollyanna poets extolling imaginary programed virtues; just saying.


  7. Cool, in multiple ways. 🙂


  8. oh it def makes me sad…cause we have had no snow either…
    still holding out for some….we get snow in march too…


  9. winter has just started for us in Michigan… I thought all the snow storms had passed us already… gee was I wrong…


  10. Winter can come back.. Actually I think February is the coldest month in many places.. I think winter is great if you are out of the city.


  11. just wait… winter has only started…smiles
    over here its gathering its strength and i cannot wait until it snows..smiles


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