Kind Words and Iron Doors

It’s Day 29 of NaPoWriMo. I have mixed feelings about the month of celebrating poetry coming to an end. On the one hand, it’s good to have the motivation to write every day. On the other hand, some days it’s nice to not feel compelled to write. Today I’m hanging onto the one hand, and I’m completing a poem that was inspired by a Facebook post I saw yesterday. It’s off-prompt, but that’s okay.

Kind Words and Iron Doors

A Turkish proverb says
Kind words will unlock
an iron door

Often this is true
and so we ought
to speak kind words
always willing to open
an iron door and let peace in

But some doors
iron or otherwise
are sealed from the inside
by bitterness and hatred
so strong even the kindest words
won’t make them budge

These doors to the heart
can only be opened
by forgiveness from within
by the occupant’s choice
to step outside
into a world of grace and peace

5/21/15: Shared for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.



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15 responses to “Kind Words and Iron Doors

  1. hypercryptical

    Sad that some doors refuse to be opened…
    Anna :o]

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  2. Great Turkish proverb….never heard it before….thanks for sharing 🙂 And you’re right….nothing can slam a door shut tighter than bitterness!

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  3. Ah.. the chalice of love.. is a never
    ending story.. where love never
    gives up.. and keeps growing
    even.. in torrents of strife..:)

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  4. kind words and forgiveness can do wonder and to make it work much time is needed…love the peaceful note all through…

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  5. A peaceful approach. Lovely.

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  6. Oh. so. true! None so blind as those that won’t see, or deaf as those that won’t listen. A tightly written poem which also exemplifies a ‘turn’ perfectly!

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  7. There are doors where you can only knock and hope that some kindness will seep through to make them open the door.

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  8. It is well worth being kind, regardless. And it is OLN so you are just fine!

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  9. Yes, we need to try as hard as we can to keep the doors to the heart open. Forgiveness definitely is the key.

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  10. This is very true. It takes two people to interact. Which does not mean we should not try.

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  11. So very good and true. Thank you, Linda!

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  12. I’ve been holding on to speaking kind words the last few weeks… not an easy task, but well worth the fruits of the labor

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  13. so true a kind word….

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