Echoes of Grace

The prompt at dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar yesterday was to write Echo Verse. Most of the examples of the traditional form included the word “echo” before the echoing second line of each stanza, but an option without the word “echo” was offered and I like it better. So here’s my offering for the day.

Echoes of Grace

I desire to pen words that are right


But that won’t lead to my disgrace


I don’t want to write of You what is untrue


I long to feel Your loving embrace


Running, praying, ’til I get to You


Learning how to offer Your sweet grace




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11 responses to “Echoes of Grace

  1. Reblogged this on Letters & notes and commented:
    Really nice echo verse poem by lindakruschke

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  2. Oh I love how you find what you need in that responding voice.

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  3. Learning how to offer Your sweet grace

    ~ Beautiful and soulful, Linda.

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  4. I like how echo seems to offer strength to the poet as he/she ponders on testimony and life.

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  5. as an echo verse this poem is perfect…echo seems to be a guiding force from within…lovely…

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  6. Yes.. Force Lives within
    Never Force ruled by men
    God JUST BE

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  7. I really like the meditation here, Linda. There is so much we can learn from finding out / using what is true!

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  8. This is lovely! The echoes seem to answer back to the verses.. like a dialogue. Excellent write 😀

    Lots of love,

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    • Thanks. I’ve had a conversation with God that is echoes of grace running through my head all week. I guess that’s why it ended up sounding like a dialogue, though unintentionally. Peace, Linda


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