I’ll Call Her Cindy Lou

Someone said to name her
so I’ll call her Cindy Lou
It doesn’t take away the shame
of what I can’t undo

But now she seems more human
not just a cause for strife
Perhaps her death will matter
and save another life

Now I have a daughter
not just a memory of pain
She grew my heart three sizes
so God’s grace it can contain




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16 responses to “I’ll Call Her Cindy Lou

  1. Your grief comes through, but so does your journey to closure, How lovely that you now have a daughter with whom to share your love.


    • It seems a few people are confused and think that I actually have a living daughter, but I don’t. The daughter referred to in the poem is the one I aborted. The poem is a way of recognizing that she is still my child even though she never lived. I’m looking forward to meeting her one day in heaven. Peace, Linda


  2. To name Love
    is to honor
    the reality
    of it NOW..
    to reinforce
    what truths
    so what
    is written
    will become
    done as well..:)

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  3. I hope the writing eased your grief. Lovely audio

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  4. A kind of closure poem – an end to indecision. A delight to read.

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  5. It sounds like you have moved towards making peace with your decision. I like her name, Linda, and I like your tribute to her and your daughter.

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  6. A deep poem, nicely done.

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  7. That was deep! Touching write 🙂

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  8. Such a lovely name ~ And I like how she grew your heart 3 sizes more ~

    Have a good week Linda ~

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  9. I think you are right. The naming is important. Her life did matter, as did her death. Cindy Lou has to be acknowledged.

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  10. I’m glad you have found a way to find grace in the naming… great rhythm in the ballad, and I like the reading.

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