The Weather Here and There

The Meeting the Bar prompt at dVerse Poets Pub today is to write about the weather outside our window. Well, the weather here in Oregon is a bit boring today. A little chilly, but we’re having a break from the rain. So I’ve strayed from the exact specifications of Victoria’s prompt, and decided to write in the Trimeric form, which was introduced at the pub back in October but I didn’t get a chance to participate then.

The Weather Here and There

Who controls the weather?
Wind lashes and rain drenches
Sun scorches grass and trees
Ice and snow bring freezing cold

Wind lashes and rain drenches
Uncontrolled by the native Oregonian
who revels in his lush green habitat

Sun scorches grass and trees
Uncontrolled by the native Californian
who basks in the radiant dry warmth

Ice and snow bring freezing cold
Uncontrolled by the native Montanan
who dons gloves, hat, and coat to play awhile



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15 responses to “The Weather Here and There

  1. I like your use o the form here.

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  2. Glenn Buttkus

    You ain’t afraid of no trimeric; nice results. Very imaginative spectrum of climate & geography captured within specific form. Winter is a time of my discontent as Shakespeare noted. I could dig just leap-frogging over it & go directly to spring. Of course some snow bunnies & skiers would not appreciate it for sure.

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  3. What a super use of this form for your weather report! Playful, reveling…I’ll add about the Southerners who do not sweat but glow in the heat and drown themselves with iced tea and lemonade and say without that heat, you can’t get the best summer tomatoes! Good job!

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  4. Oh you included all the parts of the country! Excellent!!

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  5. Playful weather report and use of form, Linda. Great question!

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  6. Successful use of the trimeric form–the rhythm works well with your words. Good choice.

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  7. Internal thermometer
    inside generating
    sweat to cool
    blood to warm..
    weather comes
    humans adapt
    or not in clothes
    of fur or
    fur of
    smiles shorts
    for me year ’round
    snow or not but never
    less than eighteen degrees
    of accommodating challenge..:)


  8. The trimeric served your ideas very well, Linda. We all have our different weather patterns to contend with…none controllable, I like how you described a few of those.

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  9. No one, it is its own master ~ Of all the seasons, I dread the winter the most as its pretty harsh here on my part of the world ~

    Thanks for playing along Linda and wishing you a good week ~

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    • Winter is my least favorite season as well. The ice and snow stanza was inspired by my Montana niece’s pictures of her kids playing in their first paltry snow of the year. If it was me, I’d be inside by the fire.


  10. Glorious trimeric 😀 love the wisdom in this.

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  11. Love how you used this fun form and took us on a mini-tour of the West. We checked out Oregon before moving here from the Bay Area–there was a drought that year (92-93). Beautiful State…but a scarcity of jobs back then (even for nurses).

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  12. Seems no one can control the weather, but whatever we have I like your idea of reveling in it, basking in it, playing in it! Ha, one thing we can’t do is run away from it.

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