One Shone Brighter

“Gazing at a sky filled with stars,”
Wrote the Magi in his memoirs
“One shone brighter than the rest.
So onward towards that star we pressed.”

He never says how many they were,
Those magi travelling with gold and myrrh
But their destination he makes quite clear
Was to greet the new King who would soon appear

The brightest star that rose in the east
Would guide them to One deserving a feast
But instead was born in a simple barn stall
And one day years later would die for us all

“By the time we arrived the Child was but two,
And already we could tell He was holy and true.”
I read this man’s memoir and gazed up at the sky
Looking for the star that led the Magi

All I could see in that vast expanse
Was the truth that it didn’t happen by chance
The Creator of each and every star
Led the Magi who came from afar


At dVerse Poets Pub today Toni is calling for poem about the stars. Since it is so close to Christmas, of course I thought of the star that led the Magi to the baby Jesus.



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25 responses to “One Shone Brighter

  1. Interestingly.. 13 Star
    of David alignments
    brighten the skies
    from 1990
    and on
    July 22nd
    a so-called
    Golden Child
    appears in England..
    but i suppose when Jesus
    is born.. he requires no fanfare…:)


  2. An old story, told in a new way. Lovely.

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  3. This is delightful. Reminds me a bit of the story that we are reading with our kids right now, “Ishtar’s Odyssey” by Arnold Ytreeide…it’s the tale told from the perspective of the son of one of the Magi. The author ends each chapter with a nice little lesson…so an excellent book for Advent devotions.

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  4. How beautiful. I was hoping someone would go Magi. 🙂 I simply love this.

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  5. This is very touching, Linda. You describe the enormity of the occasion as well as the humbling circumstances so beautifully. A lovely tribute to that most brightest of stars.

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  6. so beautifully woven with a touch of holiness….

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  7. So I did not know this story – the gift of Magi is my only link to this honestly. And am I glad 🙂 I take something new with me this Christmas!

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  8. Love how you’ve told this age old story!

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  9. I always liked the Magi following the star, how it led them. How from the beginning and the creation of the stars, it was all planned just for us. I enjoyed this.

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  10. Love the story and the brightest of the star on this special day ~ Thanks for sharing Linda ~

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  11. Smart narrative device… reading from a memoir. I like this.

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  12. A wonderful & timely piece 🙂

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  13. Love how you used the prompt to trace the three Magi on the walk and retelling the Christmas tale through that,..

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  14. This brought back memories of my neighbours and I putting on nativity plays for our parents when we were children and we would always fight over who got to play which of the Three Kings. In German-speaking countries they are called Kasper, Melchior and Balthazar and everyone wanted to be Balthazar for some reason (I think because the other two names had some funny associations). And when singing the carol, we all wanted to have the rather somber verse ‘myrrh is mine, its bitter perfume/ spreads a light of gathering gloom…’
    Sorry, that’s not very helpful comment on your poem, I seem to be stuck in remembering Christmas traditions mode.

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  15. We went to a Mannheim Steamroller concert a couple of weeks ago and when they played “We Three Kings,” they had a visual of real desert nomads making their way across the desert. It showed them in different aspects of their journey, such as sitting around a campfire. I don’t know, for me, it just made the whole experience so “real”–for lack of a better word.

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