Lulled by Pride

Lulled by promises of reward
for all my good deeds
Satan seeks to get me onboard
by planting seeds of pride

‘Til I was startled awake
by the truth of my great need
for a substitute to earn my prize
by His loving sacrifice


It’s time for Quadrille Monday #2 at dVerse Poets Pub. Even on a busy day I can come up with 44 words to share. The only parameter (besides the word count) is that the poem must include the word “lull.”



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26 responses to “Lulled by Pride

  1. God sMiLes when we serve
    God.. when we don’t..
    the smile fades
    just a little..
    iN our
    of potential
    Balance now..:)


  2. We need to be startled to see our own pride…it is a dangerous hinderance to faith!

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  3. A humble write. We are not here to count our good deeds….only to do them.

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  4. Align oneself with His will. Beautiful!

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  5. brilliant use of the word ‘lull’…yeah, a constant battle with ego…sigh…

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  6. Pride has been the downfall of many…important message here, Linda.

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  7. A moment of insight eloquently conveyed in this well-formed verse.

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  8. Glenn Buttkus

    Pride & ego, yes the devil’s implants; terrific message squeezed into a good Q44.

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  9. Wow! Different take on the word “lull” and very very effective! We can be lulled by so many things in today’s crazy world. Very well done!

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  10. to earn my prize
    by His loving sacrifice

    One can never be blessed better than Providence’s blessings! Great lines Linda!


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  11. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade)

    You make a good point.

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  12. A meaningful share Linda ~ We must not be easily deceived by such promises ~

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  13. Oh, that Satan is a tricky one!! He usually waits for just the right moment.

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  14. Pride blinds. Ya can’t earn it – that’s the lesson.

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  15. your title speaks volumes

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  16. This is excellent, Linda. Such a great message.

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  17. It is so easy to be lulled into temptation when we are too self-confident.

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  18. I think whenever we do good things for the rewards we have missed the whole point…mostly we do good for our own sake…. alas

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