Prayer of Repentance

Reveal, O Lord, my sin to me
So I might confess to Thee
My transgressions that caused You pain
Your sacrifice was my greatest gain

If to me my guilt is hidden
If I’ve done what is forbidden
Separating me from You
Unite our sundered hearts anew

Draw me back into Your grace
Let there remain nary a trace
Of the sin that broke the bond
To Your mercy let me respond

And when tomorrow I fall again
Let me agree with a loud amen
That what I need is to repent
Even beyond the season of Lent





Filed under Faith, Jesus, Life, Poetry

4 responses to “Prayer of Repentance

  1. This really blessed me and helped me. Thank you, Linda!

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  2. This is sort of like the prayer I pray everyday which goes something like this: “Lord, show me if I have an attitude or sin that would disqualify me from fulfilling Your divine plans and redemptive purposes for my life. Then, give me the grace to change.

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