Forty Bits of Verse

An idea to my mind was sent
for Lent
To share heaven’s Light
I’ll write
Some might be long, others terse
forty bits of verse
Some might be great, some are worse
There are days it’s hard to write at all
Other days out words just fall
For Lent I’ll write forty bits of verse



Filed under Faith, Jesus, Poetry

6 responses to “Forty Bits of Verse

  1. “Some are great, some are worse…” I am curious as to which of your poems you adore, whether because they were fun/cathartic to write or because you liked how they turned out, and which ones you’d rather try again. I’d be interested in reading them.

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  2. You remind me of how negligent I’ve been about posting on my Christian blog. Must do something. Time just seems to do me in.

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