Sevenling: My Façade

My façade hides
pain in my body,
in my heart, in my soul

I smile broadly,
laugh out loud,
resort to sarcastic wit

. . . but sometimes I cry


The Meeting the Bar prompt at dVerse Poets Pub yesterday was to write a Sevenling. Since I wanted to write a Tritina yesterday I decided to save this Sevenling for today’s daily NaPoWriMo post.



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11 responses to “Sevenling: My Façade

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  2. A lot of truth in this!

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  3. And that would be secretly, no doubt.

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  4. That facade is something we all have, but those tears are needed too.

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  5. This is so delicate so beautifully moving to the soul…!!

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  6. hypercryptical

    A cry sometimes cleanses the soul, sometimes. ‘Nice work’ from me too Linda.
    Anna :o]

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  7. Isn’t the word “façade” fantastic? So much in one little word. And you’ve packed a punch with this little poem. Nice work, Linda. Happy Friday!

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