More Fun Than a Slinky

Wittiness is his forte
Always a surprise ending
And what he had meant to say
Not always what he’s thinking

Of the sonnet he is king
I wish I could write as he
Does with poetry that rings
One liners that sting like a bee

Spying his link in Mr. Linky
I must go see what he’s shared
So much more fun than a slinky
What serious subject he’s dared

To joke about today
In a most unexpected way


Yesterday’s prompt at dVerse Poets Pub was to pick a favorite dVerse community poet (or other poet, but I stuck with dVerse folks) and write a poem about them or as a tribute to how you appreciate their writing. The only rule is not to mention the poet, so I haven’t.



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13 responses to “More Fun Than a Slinky

  1. mtw

    this poem was a delight to read! lighthearted but still insightful.

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  2. You have stumped me, Linda!

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  3. Like the rhyme pattern in this piece. Well done tribute.

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  4. I love the rhyme. Fun!

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  5. Lovely! Such an incredible tribute Linda 🙂

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  6. Ah – that made me smile. It must have been fun writing too…..

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  7. Ha yes I know at least one poet that I admire for his wit.. and sonnet skills… 🙂

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