The Book of Life

I am not frightened by the sight of an
ugly deformed fallen angel
hovering in my room. I’m writing
of his presence because his fleeing in
the name of Jesus is evidence of a
name, my name, being written in a book—
the Lamb’s Book of
Life everlasting in a home of transparent gold


Another short Golden Shovel for dVerse Poets Pub. I seem to be stuck on poems with “gold” in them. The line I started with was the fifth line from Abou Ben Adhem by Leigh Hunt. This is another poem I memorized for speech competitions in high school and has lately been running through my head at random times. I’m quite amazed that I still have it memorized after all these years.



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11 responses to “The Book of Life

  1. Leigh Hunt ! Nice to find a reference to him here today.
    Do you know this one:

    I memorized Alfred Tennyson’s 6-line poem The Eagle in 4th grade.
    Abou Ben Adhem is more of an achievement.

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  2. PSC

    Your faith shines through beautifully in this piece.

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  3. It is a great feeling knowing one’s name is together with those blessed. It makes one appreciate life better. Short and sweet Linda!


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  4. I like the twist on this one. It is an incredible feeling to be able to face the darkness knowing it is already overcome by Jesus.

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  5. I love the thought of your name being penned down… It can take you through the worst of times.

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  6. Love this, Linda. Isn’t it the most amazing thing that OUR NAMES are written down…especially on His heart?

    And I LOVE that when we memorize poems, they are with us for life.

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