People think depression
is being super sad

All you have to do is
decide to be happy instead

But it’s more hopeless
and much less
when one’s misled
by platitudes



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7 responses to “Misled

  1. I truly understand. It is distracting, oppressive, all-encompassing, and exhausting.

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  2. I have been blessed not to suffer from depression except for a two hour period, which the Lord allowed to happen to me twenty years ago. It was so dark and deep that my memorized scriptures and prayers could not help me get out of it. The Lord had to send a Christian to deliver me out of it.

    I recognize that the depression countless hundreds of thousands have suffered from need a move of the Spirit to set them free. Pep talks won’t work. Come quickly Lord Jesus and set the captives free!

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    • Oddly, I’ve learned that sometimes there is freedom IN the depression. When I feel the cloud of depression, when I feel like saying “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” and yet at the same time know it is well with my soul, that I’m not forsaken, I am free even when the cloud of depression descends. It is His Spirit that provides that assurance of true freedom.

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