Valley of Tears

As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools. Psalm 84:6 (NIV).

My Savior will dry all my tears
The Lord God knows all my fears
As I trudge onward many years
I pass through the Valley of Baka

Great pain and agony oppress
I feel heavy weights of duress
Praying for dear Jesus to bless
I pass through the Valley of Baka

I see that this valley is long
I need You to make my faith strong
That Lord I might sing a praise song
As I pass through the Valley of Baka


5/18/17: I decided to share this for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub today. Head over and see what other poetry is being offered up.



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29 responses to “Valley of Tears

  1. The valley of Baca is a great place. Those who pass thru it will make it a well (with their tears). May you go from strength to strength in Him. Great Psalm!

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  2. Nice meter, rhyme and message. I enjoyed the repeating fourth line tying everything together.

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  3. Repetition always adds power to prayer and powerful prayer will see you through the tears.

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  4. I’ve heard that God collects our tears…we are precious to Him. May you find refreshing springs even in this long vale.

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  5. Your poem is a wonderful expression of your faith and that will give you strength.

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  6. An inspiring poem to read tonight Linda ~ Thanks for sharing ~

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  7. Thotpurge

    The repetition works well here…

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  8. This flows so beautifully and it’s like reading a psalm of your own.

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  9. It’s funny; when I googled “valley of baka,” the two top results were 1) a pilgrimage, and 2) a Japanese swear word. How the context of language can change a poem!

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    • I was not aware of the Japanese swear word. 😉 I went to a women’s retreat where the speaker talked about Psalm 84 and how in that Psalm “baka” meant “tears.” But I will admit I’ve said a few swear words in my life in the midst of tears.


  10. The repetition of the last line of each stanza makes this an excellent hymn.

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  11. Beautiful rhyme and cadence to your lovely prayer. Faith is needed in the valley of Baka.

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  12. So glad that you are helped in hard times… great prayer.

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  13. This is so very timely for my situation right now. Thank you for sharing it!

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  14. This is wonderful! A great prayer, stronger for its rhythm and repetition, and true to the verse. Thanks so much for sharing!

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