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Revel in the joy of Christ who
Empowers us bid sin adieu
Jesus born so He might die
Once for all our souls to buy
Incarnation a great mystery
Calling all throughout history
Ever more to rejoice, rejoice


I wrote this for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night, and also to promote my new poetry book, Rejoice! Rejoice! Poems for the Holidays, available now on Amazon.com in print and on Kindle. This poem isn’t in the book, because, well, I just wrote it. But maybe I’ll add it to the next edition.


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Risen – An Easter Poem

It’s Easter, Resurrection Day, and Jesus has risen! He has risen, indeed!


Risen, He’s risen, the women cried
they’d seen the empty tomb
with only grave clothes left inside

Immanuel lives, though He died
was laid in a borrowed tomb
as His mother, in sorrow, cried

Supernatural resurrection abide
death defeated in the tomb
sin and Satan’s power denied

Even as the grave opened wide
the stone removed from the tomb
as justice and mercy there collide

Now with His people forever to reside
the Holy One has left the empty tomb
reconciled with the Church, His bride

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My Zealous Adonai

Adonai, my Lord of love
How I long to see Thy face
Alight on me, Holy Dove

Bread of Life, strength for the race
Thy Word, my faith, sustain me
Resting, resting on Thy grace

Creator, who made the tree
Sun and moon, all life, mankind
Thou gave us but one decree

Deliverer, oh so kind
Even when I break Thy law
Giving sight when I am blind

Elohim, I kneel in awe
Before Thy majestic throne
In Thee is nary a flaw

Father, mercy Thou hast shown
To Thy undeserving child
Though to wander I am prone

Good Shepherd, meek and mild
Keep me in Thy safe lockup
Bring me back when I’m beguiled

Holy Spirit, fill me up
By Thy abundant measure
Overflow my blessing cup

Immanuel, my treasure
Savior of humanity
Surpassing all life’s pleasure

Jesus Christ, Thy majesty
Bestowed Thy eternal gift
Poured out upon Calvary

King of kings, Thy scepter lift
As Thou lifted on the cross
From me to Thee guilt did shift

Lamb of God, my gain, Thy loss
Light of the world shining bright
Burn from my heart wicked dross

Messiah, Thy way is right
By Thee death is defeated
Prophets foretold Thy great might

Name above all names seated
Now at the Father’s right hand
Thy work, my soul, completed

One True God, salvation planned
Setting Thy people apart
On Thy sovereign grace I stand

Prince of Peace, reign in my heart
That Thee be my legacy
Never let Thy grace depart

Qanna, in Thy jealousy
Oh, let my trust in Thee grow
Remember me tenderly

Redeemer, Thou love me so
Though my days with sin are rife
Paying all that I did owe

Savior, ransom of my life
Answer my fervent requests
Rescue me from pain and strife

Truth upon which wisdom rests
Count me in Thy census
Free me from temptation’s tests

Unchanging God, most gracious
To sing Thy holy praises
Beseech Thy faithful chorus

Vine, the severed branch blazes
Abandoned fields lie fallow
Lest a new crop Thou raises

Way, Truth, and Life, I’ll follow
Word made flesh, Thou art divine
In Thy grace life’s not hollow

Examine my spirit fine
Tune me to Thy lovely gaze
Holy Spirit, gift of mine

Yahweh, the Ancient of Days
Thy virtues I will extol
Help me follow Thy ways

Zealous protector, my soul
Under Thy gaze from above
Make my broken parts a whole

Adonai, my Lord of love
Zealous One, my Holy Dove


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Palm Sunday – An Acrostic Poem

Praise to God the Father
lleluia to the Son
ord of all creation
an He did become

Savior of the human race
ndoing Satan’s curse
e’er again will evil win
ivine victory in force
lleluia to the Holy One
esterday’s prophecy fulfilled

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week, but since I’m not posting on Sunday’s for Lent I decided to post this today.


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Rejoice – An Acrostic Poem

Rejoice in the Lord always
verlasting joy from His heart
oy even in the darkest times
verflowing joy in my heart
n times of want and times of plenty
arrying me through trials of this life to
ternal life of rejoicing in the Lord


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Advent Thankfulness – A Poem

Last year I wrote an acrostic poem titled Advent, and I have been astounded in the past 4 weeks how many times it has been viewed. The search terms stats on my blog show that a lot of people have been searching for Advent acrostic poems. Since it is a topic of great interest, I decided to write another one. It is quite different from the first but carries the same Great News of hope found in a manger.


Angels to the shepherds sing
Divine arrival of the King
Victory is now in sight
Emmanuel comes this night
Need of all mankind is met
Thankful hearts, He paid our debt


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Resurrection – A Poem

Last Sunday I was kind of tired in the afternoon so I lay down on the couch to take a nap. As I was dozing off the concept for this poem came to me. I realized that considering how important the resurrection of Christ is, I needed to write a poem about it. When I sat down to write it, this is what I came up with.

Risen from the grip of death
Empty tomb testifies to truth
Savior of the broken ones
Undeserving His banquet guests
Risen is our merciful Lord
Risen is our Holy God
Emmanuel lives again
Creator of all is the Light
To a lost and lonely world
Igniting in the hearts of men
Odes to One who loved us so
Now we all may rise again


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friendship – A Poem

This weekend I will be visiting with old friends and family as well as seeing friends at church on Sunday. As I thought about what I was going to write for Thankful Thursday, I decided I wanted to express how thankful I am for friends new and old, those related to me by blood and those who are connected to me by shared experiences and faith.

I decided to write this as a double acrostic because friendship is something that is with us from the beginning of our lives to the end.

or all my life it’s been my belief
rain or shine, whether near or far
images of love on my heart like graffiti
each memory together reveals love
needing each other to bear our burden
daily desiring friends to be around
sharing our experiences and lives
hoping to be together to our last breath
images of love on my heart like graffiti
painted far beyond skin deep

* * * * *

Note: It seems I have twice submitted this poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night. So that I don’t forget and link it again I’m adding this little link back to dVerse.


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Appreciation x 3 – A Poem

Yesterday at work I received my invitation to our annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon. It’s a wonderful event at which employees who have reached various milestones receive awards and the entire staff of the organization is treated to a delicious lunch with games and lots of visiting. Appreciation is a great synonym of thankful, and so I decided it would be the subject of this week’s Thankful Thursday acrostic poem.

This is kind of a silly poem, and each of the four stanzas is a bit different. The first stanza is about my appreciation for my faith and all that it entails. The second stanza is about some foods, flowers, places, and other things I appreciate. The third stanza lists people in the Bible who contributed to the story of God’s relationship with His creation. The last stanza departs from the acrostic style and sums up my thoughts on having an appreciation for all the blessings in my life.


Abba, Father, the source of all good
Prayers of family and friends
Prayers of our Lord in heaven
Ransom paid for you and for me
Eternity with loved ones
Christ on His throne and in my heart
Incarnate Deity, Word made flesh
Atonement for the sins of all
Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Indwelling Holy Spirit to comfort
Only Son of God, our Lord
o condemnation for those in Christ

Almonds, artichokes, and apple crisp
ears, pineapple, and parfait
eople, pets, and popcorn
oses, rosemary, and rhododendron
ggs, egg salad, and egg noodles
arrots, cauliflower,  and candy
Iris, Impatiens, and ice cream cones
rizona, Alaska, and the Atlantic Ocean
raveling, the Tetons, and trails to hike
nteresting ideas and inventions
atmeal, oranges, and onions for cooking
ature, nachos, and notes from a friend

Abel, Abraham, and Amos 
otiphar, Priscilla, and Phoebe
eter, Philip, and Paul
achel, Rahab, and Reuben
lijah, Elisha, and Elizabeth
aleb, Cleopas, and Cornelius
saiah, Isaac, and Israel
ndrew, Anna, and Ananias
homas, Titus, and Timothy
ur Righteousness
ame above all names

Appreciation, Appreciation, Appreciation
For things seen and unseen
An attitude of appreciation
For people, places, and things
Appreciation for life
Is like a song we can sing
Appreciation for salvation
A gift from the King

What do you appreciate today? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. In fact, I would really appreciate it. 🙂


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