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Let Us Love – A Poem

Dear children, let us not love
with words or tongue
but with actions and in truth

Let us love with hands that heal
and feet that go
where we are needed most

Let us love with our gifts
of food and clothing
for those in poverty

Let us love with kind words
that offer compassion
and restore relationships

Let us love as Jesus loved
willing to give all
that others might know His love


¹1 John 3:18 (NIV)


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Buck-a-Hit Day at Bojack.org

It’s Buck-a-Hit Day once again over at Jack Bogdanski’s blog. Head over and shake a dollar out of him and into a needy charity’s pockets. http://bojack.org/2012/12/welcome_to_buckahit_day_6.html

You will also find an opportunity to give to some local Portland charities out of your own pocket if you so choose. Considering what our Lord gave to us this Christmas season, sharing a little of our own blessings is the least we can do.

Merry Christmas!


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Pondering Charity

A couple of weeks ago I received this quote in my daily Quotemeal email from Heartlight.org:

If our expenditure on comforts, luxuries, amusements, etc., is up to the standard common among those with the same income as our own, we are probably giving away too little. If our charities do not at all pinch or hamper us, I should say they are too small. There ought to be things we should like to do and cannot because our charitable expenditure excludes them. — C. S. Lewis

This quote has been in the back of my mind ever since as I’ve pondered my own level of charitable giving. There are things I would like to have – such as a nicer car – but do not have in part because of my charitable expenditures. And yet I know that I still live much more comfortably than a large percentage of the population of this world. I know people who live on a much tighter budget than I do, and I wonder sometimes if I’m doing enough for the kingdom of God.

In a couple of weeks I will be part of a group of volunteers from my church to go to a local women’s shelter called Shepherd’s Door to cook and serve dinner for the 40 women and children who live there. If it were not for Shepherd’s Door, these women and their kids would be living on the streets with next to nothing. Many have left abusive relationships and have little hope. I am excited about the opportunity to be a blessing to these women, and still the time and money I will expend on their behalf scarcely seems enough.

C.S. Lewis says our charitable giving should “pinch or hamper us.” It is easy to give out of our excess, but a much harder thing to give up the things we’ve come to believe we need.

There is a bright line between what we want and what we need, but we tend to allow that line to be blurred in our own minds. We cling to what we want as if it were a need, forgetting others who truly do lack what they need simply to survive.

The list of needs is short: food, water, clothing, shelter, and God.

We do not need rib eye steaks, bottled and vitamin-enhanced sparkling water, designer clothes and jewelry, a 3,000 square foot homes, and big fancy churches to attend. Those things all fall in the “want” category.

We categorize so many things as needs, such as cell phones (preferably an iPhone or other Smartphone), new cars, cable television, air conditioning in our homes, a built-in dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and a home computer or laptop (like the one I’m typing this on). None of these are truly necessities; they are luxuries that much of the world population – even in the U.S. – does not enjoy.

Perhaps Lewis is exactly right – our charitable expenditures ought to pinch and hamper us just a bit more than they do.


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Give Just by Visiting, Again

Check out this post — Buck-a-Hit-Day — on the blog of one of my law school professors, Jack Bogdanski. Just visiting the blog will cause him to donate $1 to charity, up to $5,000. He also has links to 6 charities that readers are encouraged to donate to, with a matching promise! This is the 9th year he has done this on his blog.

Jack’s link to my blog back in Oct. 2009 was responsible for my busiest blog day ever, though I’ve come a long way and hope to one day have 677 hits in one day on my own. I’m certain my link to his blog won’t generate nearly that much traffic for him because I average only about 90 hits a day and many of those are to older posts. But Jack’s got a good thing going, so check it out.


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$76 Billion Could Provide a Lot of Shelter

I attended a conference session yesterday about mobile devices. The speaker commented that Apple recently announced that it has $76 billion cash on hand. He also mentioned that Apple may be releasing the iPad 3 this year, even though they just released the iPad 2 not that long ago (even in technology time).

The speaker at this session also talked about how many people have mobile devices. I think the number was close to 6 billion. He predicted that every person on the planet would soon have a mobile device.

Both of these bits of information got me thinking about how unconnected we can be to what is happening in the world outside our own little space. In particular, I thought of all the people living in poverty in this world. I thought of the many African refugee camps where people not only don’t have a mobile device, they don’t have clean water or enough food to eat. They don’t have a roof over their heads or a safe place to sleep, so to them the latest mobile app is really irrelevant. It also occurred to me that the plight of these people could be greatly relieved with that $76 billion in cash Apple is holding on to.

So what if, instead of buying an iPad 3 when they come out, every person who thought of doing so gave the cost of that iPad to help those in need? I wonder how much money that would be? Or what if Apple, instead of greedily holding onto that cash, decided to use it to relieve global suffering?

How did we in the developed part of the world become so enamored of the latest and greatest technology and so blind to what is happening in less developed countries? We now have so much more access to information about the plight of the poor, and yet we seem to be less aware of their need. Or at least we seem not to care.

I do realize that Twitter and Facebook have both been responsible for helping to bring the plight of those in need into the light. Help and aid for natural disasters has been incredible in response to tweets or posted videos by famous people. But still facts like Apple’s $76 billion in cash on hand really make me wonder about the huge divide between those who care and try to make a difference, and those who are more concerned about themselves and getting the latest app to help them find a clean public restroom.

I am encouraged, however, by all the Christian bands who work hard to educate their fans about the needs of the poverty-stricken around the world. One such band is Jars of Clay, who started Blood:Water Mission, a grassroots charitable organization that seeks to provide clean water and clean blood to people in Africa who otherwise are forced to drink contaminated water that is often deadly, and to provide clean blood to help fight the HIV/AIDS problem. This band doesn’t have $76 billion in cash, and yet they have done what they can to raise awareness and help those in need.

Jars of Clay’s last CD was titled Shelter, and the title track is about how important it is for us to provide shelter for one another. We can’t live in our own little world and think that those in other parts of the earth don’t matter to us, or that we can’t do anything to help or make a difference.

So when the iPad 3 does come out, if you are thinking of getting one, will you make the choice to be the shelter for someone in need instead? Will you consider going to the Blood:Water Mission website and donating what you would otherwise spend on that iPad 3 so that the poverty-stricken of Africa can have clean water and clean blood?


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Give Just by Visiting

Check out this post — Buck-a-Hit-Day — on the blog of one of my law school professors, Jack Bogdanski. Just visiting the blog will cause him to donate $1 to charity. He also has links to 6 charities that readers are encouraged to donate to, with a matching promise! This is the 8th year he has done this on his blog.

Jack’s link to my blog back in Oct. 2009 was responsible for my busiest blog day ever. I doubt my link to his blog will generate nearly that much traffic for him. But he’s got a good thing going, so check it out.


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