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A Crazy Dream of Love Triumphant

I am thankful for the day off today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I am also thankful for his dream that love would triumph over hatred and evil. That is my dream, too. And like King, I believe God when He promises that one day this dream will be reality.

In honor of this day and this dream, I decided to post a great song by MercyMe called Crazy Enough. Call me crazy, but I believe in the dream of love triumphant.


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Music Monday Extra – Love Rule Today

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought this video would be a nice Music Monday Extra. Dr. King’s dream would be a reality if all the world would follow the advice of this song by Revive and let Love Rule Today.

I tried to insert the video here, but apparently this is one you have to view at YouTube for copyright reasons. Follow the linked song title to watch it.


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