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Her Hideous Scar

Once I saw her without her shirt or bra
revealing the scar where her surgeon
first took her diseased breast then
sloppily gathered excess skin in a
quick running stitch of sutures
leaving her hideously deformed

It’s no wonder I seldom saw her smile


De is running the show at dVerse Poets Pub today for Quadrille Monday where the word of the day is scar. The pub opens at noon PST so head on over and check out some of the great 44-word poems offered by patrons today.

My poem today is a rewrite of part of a description of my mom that I wrote this past week in my writing group.


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Missing You

It never leaves
the pain, the heartache
of losing one so dear

Or one who should have been dear
but for youth and shame
that kept me
from truly knowing
and being known by you

I hid so much from you
I didn’t let you be there for me
as a mom should be

It’s not your fault
I know that now
but then I was afraid
I would disappoint you

Even at 23 your love
seemed scarce
but was only hidden
behind my own doubts and fears

If you were here today
I would tell you how much I love you
I’d share the love of Jesus with you
tell you how He opened my eyes
to your love that I could never see

I would celebrate with you
I’d make you your favorite pecan pie
with fresh whipped cream for your birthday
just as you always made my favorite
lemon meringue for my birthday
We’d marvel that you made it 90 years

But you didn’t, so we won’t
I’ll just miss you like I always do


Shared for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. Head on over and see what others have to share.


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Twenty-Four Years – A Poem

January 3, 1988 is the day my mom died. It’s been 24 years today. At the dVerse Poets Pub today, Brian says there is a poem in everything. Perhaps there is a poem in this.

Twenty-Four Years

We knew it was coming
the diagnosis was grim
and so the call should not have been
a huge surprise to me
But it was
that January day long ago

One day you were there
we were celebrating Thanksgiving
then you were gone
just a box of ashes

Each year
for the next ten years
on that very day I would think of you
It shouldn’t have been a surprise
but each year it was
like a ton of bricks hitting me

Then one year, somewhere around year eleven
there was no ton of bricks
the day came and went without fanfare
without sorrow
without remembering

It’s not that I forgot you,
I thought of you often,
but not on that day,
this day – January 3

Until this year. 
It’s been twenty-four years today
More than half my life
you’ve not been there
and I’ve missed you

From this day forward
I will have fewer days with you
than without you.


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