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A Storm of Doubt

Doubt blows through
a dust-devil of uncertainty
clouding my judgment

It’s hard to recognize
the truth in the storm
To believe the evidence
right in front of my face

One does not become
a contest finalist
if one cannot write

Still self-doubt rages on


I missed the last Quadrille Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. But the given word—storm—has been swirling in my mind ever since. So, for Open Link Night, I’m putting off working on my memoir, which is a finalist in the Oregon Christian Writers contest, and writing a stormy Quadrille instead.


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Application Procrastination – A Cinquain

last-minute rush
procrastination’s toll
selecting artwork and writing
all done

My son has a scholarship application due today for The Art Institute of Portland. Although the actual artwork he submitted has been done for some time, getting prints, finalizing the essay, and those last little details succumbed to the procrastination of an artist who “just doesn’t care about time.” But the entry is done now and will be turned in soon.


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