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Drought of the Soul

In this wasteland
of trials and tribulation
pain and suffering
illness and loss
my soul longs for solace
for Your refreshing waters
but there is only drought

My soul is parched
cracking at its brittle seams
thirsting for Your well of grace

And yet I realize
the well is there for the drawing
it is I who have failed
to lower my bucket
and drink deeply


Yesterday at dVerse Poets Pub, Walter called for poems about either drought or deluge. I chose drought.


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Slips Away

I’ve been thinking a lot about my sister Peggy lately, perhaps because her death is the subject of the first chapter of the book I’m working on. Yesterday the refrain for this Kyrielle came to me and then I finished the poem this morning.

8/20/15 update: Shared today for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night #153. Head over and check out some other great poetry.

Slips Away

Quiet descends on deep darkness
My soul housed in this jar of clay
Groans bitterly in God’s winepress
Her soul slips silently away

Regrets of wasted time oppress
Why did I wait another day
I am here now nevertheless
Her soul slips silently away

Over memories I obsess
Jesus come save her soul I pray
His peace descends on me to bless
Her soul slips silently away


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Where This Road Leads

I know full well where this road leads
The end is my desire and goal
But I know not how long it be
Or what lurks beyond the next knoll
My Companion knows, but won’t tell
I must trust that He’s in control
He’ll never leave me as I trudge
Toward rest for my weary soul


The prompt at dVerse Poets Pub today is to write an octet with the road as a theme. For more road-themed octets, head over to dVerse and click on Mr. Linky.

This is also my Day 21 post for NaPoWriMo2015.


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The Snare Is Broken – A Poem

This short poem is inspired by Psalm 124, which is also rather short but full of hope.

The Snare Is Broken

My soul
entangled in the snare
of the evil one
hopeless and dying
struggling to be free
my struggles tightened the snare
entangled me more

The Lord
broke the snare
clearing the way
for me to escape
clinging to His side
my greatest hope is Christ alone
I am set free and alive

This poem is shared today at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night.


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Whole – A Poem

I am body
with many parts
head, hands, and beating heart

I am mind
with many thoughts
peace and love I’ve been taught

I am soul
with many feelings
hope, joy, and spiritual healing

Body, mind, and soul
with all three
I am whole


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As My Spirit Grows – A Poem

I’ve been reading Max Lucado’s new book Grace. A passage from Chapter 7, Coming Clean with God, has really stuck with me even though I’ve moved on to Chapter 9. In the back of my mind has been a “found” poem based on this passage. Then today I went to dVerse Poets Pub to see what the poetry prompt was for the day. The challenge was to write about growing up. I decided to connect the two because what better evidence of growing up is there than finally coming clean with God? The italicized portions are direct quotes from Grace, page 85.

As My Spirit Grows

Childhood, young adulthood
A time when wild oats are sown
Rules are broken, trouble is found
Either to get into or be the victim of

Guilt lies hidden beneath the surface,
festering, irritating.
Sometimes so deeply embedded
you don’t know the cause.

You become moody, cranky.
You’re prone to overreact.
You’re angry, irritable.
You can be touchy, you know.

Understandable, since you have a shank
of shame lodged in your soul
For all those wild oats that have sprouted
Even where the sun does not shine

There comes a time to come clean
To grow up and leave wild oats behind
Seek the Healer of the soul
Who forgives and removes shame

Don’t make this inward journey
without God
. There is no inner peace unless you
Let Him apply grace to the wounds
To the irritability and anger of your soul


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Pondering How Three Can Be One

Over the past few days I’ve been pondering the doctrine of the trinity and how three can be one. The Bible tells us that there is only one true God, so how then can our Father in Heaven be God, Jesus the Son be God, and the Holy Spirit be God, all at the same time? There are certainly monotheistic religions that reject the doctrine of the trinity because of this mystery. But I believe that the Bible and experience provide us ample evidence to support this central doctrine.

There are numerous scriptures in both the Old and New Testament that support the doctrine of the trinity, but I want to focus on just a few today, along with the train of thought that’s been going through my mind the past few days.

Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” You and I are created in the image or likeness of God. By looking at our nature, how we were made, we can learn something about God.

Each human being has a body, a mind, and a soul. Each of these components of the human being serves a different purpose. They are distinct, yet they are not separate.

The body is our physical representation. In the same way, Jesus is the physical representation of God. “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 (NIV).

The mind, though it cannot be seen, is where our thoughts and intelligence reside. In the same way, God the Father is where the thoughts and intelligence of God reside. In Isaiah 55:8, we read: “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.”

The soul, also invisible, is the very essence of our life. In the same way, the Holy Spirit is the very essence of the life of God. It is the Spirit of God that was breathed into Adam to give him life, and it is the Spirit of God who gives new life to the believer. “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4 (NIV).

It is a wondrous mystery that each human being is composed of body, mind, and soul. We simply do not exist as a whole human being if even one of these components is missing.

It is an even more wondrous mystery that our God is composed of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To believe in only one of these components and reject the others is to strip God of His essential being.

God created us in His image, in His likeness, so that we might be in relationship with Him and understand who He is. Pondering how I am body, mind, and soul, but am still only one human being, helps me to understand the nature of the One true God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three truly can be One.


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Take My Life – I Am in Awe

Last week, I was listening to Jeremy Camp’s CD “Stay” in my car all week. It is his debut CD from 2002, and it’s one of my favorites.

When I listen to my iPod in the house, I usually put it on shuffle and so I never know what song is going to be next. But often I prefer to listen to a CD all the way through from beginning to end, in the order the artist chose to arrange the songs. That is definitely the case with “Stay.” There are two songs in particular on that CD that seem to me to be so perfectly placed one after the other.

The first in “Take My Life.” This is a hard rocking song and quite possibly my favorite Jeremy Camp song. I love the electric guitar riffs and the emotion in his voice as he sings:

Take my life
Take my mind
Take my soul
Take my will
I am yours and I give it all to you

As I listen to this song, I can feel the struggle I have within myself to give my life, my mind, my soul, my will completely to Jesus. I desire to give Him my all because of all He has done for me and because of who He is. But I also know that I cannot on my own give it all to Him because of my sinful nature, because of my inherent selfishness. I want to keep some of it, maybe just a little piece, for myself. Jeremy sings and I pray, “Here I am I’m giving all I can.” And so I offer all my everything, but the only way I can truly become His alone is if He takes that which I offer.

There is an urgency in this song, a crying out for God to “quick, take it, take it all, before I change my mind.” I hear in the rawness of Jeremy Camp’s voice and the driving power of the electric guitar the tension between my sinful nature and the desire for God that the Holy Spirit has place in my heart.

I find, as this song comes to an end, God is faithful to honor my prayer. He will take, for His glory, that which I offer. Suddenly, the next song on the CD begins. It is called “In Your Presence.” It is a more tranquil song, with an acoustic sound and softer vocals. I can feel that I am in the presence of the Lord. I can see in my mind the beauty of Jesus on the cross, and His majesty on the throne. I am in awe of who He is and what He alone can do in my heart.

He alone is able to take my life and turn it into something worthwhile. He alone is able to take my mind and fix it on that which is holy. He alone is able to take my soul and save it from certain death. He alone is able to take my will and make it His own. He alone is worthy of praise. I am in awe of His love and mercy.


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